Residential Home Inspection and Report

Our inspection is conducted according to the Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics of The American Society of Home Inspectors , (ASHI). These standards assure you that the inspection is thorough and is conducted by an experienced professional.

We use a UAV (Drone) to inspect the roof and related components whenever possible*. Our Mavic Platinum Pro Quadcopter employs a 4K High Definition camera for unsurpassed clarity. It gives us the detailed imagery required to properly evaluate the roof and related components. To use a drone commercially, the operator must meet the requirements of the FAA as outlined in Part 107 which includes a written examination. Mark has met these requirements and has been issued a Remote Pilot Certificate by the FAA.

American Home Inspections Residential Inspection Report is an objective analysis of the components of your home. Each component is carefully evaluated and rated in the report. If problems are discovered, they will be explained you clearly. The electronic report is easy to understand and includes a summary as well as photographs of each of the components and deficient items. The report is often emailed to you from the site ……. you will have the information you need…. when you need it.

Radon Testing

Radon tests are conducted according to EPA guidelines and take a minimum of 48 hours to complete. Mark is a Certified Radon Professional which assures that the test is conducted correctly and the results are analyzed accurately. We use only Sun Nuclear 1027 Electronic Monitors because of their accuracy and the fact that we can obtain the results more quickly.

Inspection Categories

Grounds: Grading, Drainage, Walks & Driveways, Retaining Walls, Decks & Porches
Exterior: Siding, Soffit/Fascia,Trim, Windows & Doors, Storms & Screens, Steps & Stairs
Roofing and Related Components: Structure, Roofing Material, Flashings & Valleys, Chimneys, Appliance Flues & Gutters
Structure: Foundation, Walls, Floor Systems, Bearing Walls, Beams & Columns, Moisture
Plumbing: Water Supply Piping, Waste & Drain Lines, Water Heaters and Related Components, Fuel Supply Lines and Laundry Connections
Heating and Cooling Systems: Heating Plant, Cooling System, and Distribution System, Thermostat, Filters & Auxiliary Systems
Electrical System: Main Service Size & Installation, Main & Sub Panels, Branch Circuits & GFCI‘S
Interiors: Rooms & Related Components, Fireplaces, Windows & Doors, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, & Major Appliances
Attic: Roof Structure, Ventilation & Exhaust Fans, Flues, Plumbing Vents & Insulation
Garage: Structure, Roofing, Siding, Doors, Electrical, and Automatic Openers

*Subject to FAA Airspace Restrictions, Weather, and Local Conditions or Regulations.